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“RD Nutrition Consultants has provided exceptional service to our patients and staff. We have recently decided to contract all of our Dietitians to RD Nutrition Consultants which has provided us with improved patient care and significant cost savings. Thank you!''

Danielle Hudson, Director Clinical Care, New York, New York

“RD Nutrition Consultants provides a critical role for our Long Care Communities. They have provided exceptional care and reduced our hospital readmissions, and provided us with a deficiency free surveys year in year out! Thank you!”

Mark Cruz, Regional Director,

Los Angeles, CA

“Brooke (dietitian consultant) has great knowledge, terrific work ethic and is a pleasure to work with. She showed terrific leadership skills and prepared the facility for survey”

Sandra Hubert, Director of Nursing, Chicago, IL

"RD Nutrition Consultants, provided us with excellent care when our Dietitian was out on maternity leave. They were able to provide our facility with quick and efficient dietitian staffing services. Our facility and staff appreciates rapid Registered Dietitian placement they were able to provide us with.’

Anne Smith, Executive Director

San Bernardino, CA

“We continue to use RD Nutrition Consultants for our dietitian staffing across our communities. The consultants are very friendly and efficient!' I would highly recommend  their Dietitian consultant services for other healthcare communities'

Nicholas Sherman, Regional Vice President, Omaha, NE

“Our community has over 150 facilities throughout the United States. We partner with RD Nutrition Consultants to ensure our Nutrition Service Departments are streamlined and meeting state guidelines. They have provided our residents with exceptional care and improved our survey results!''

Robert Smith, Vice President, Philadelphia, PA

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