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Registered Dietitian Consultant Nursing Home

How to Plan the Perfect Menu: A Guide for Food Service and Clinical Dietitians

Food. It is something that every person needs. It may differ how much we need, what type we like, or how often we eat, but all people consume food and beverages in some capacity in order to s...

November 4, 2018

What is a Consultant Dietitian?

Consultant Dietitians have the opportunity to help individuals with their nutrition in a variety of settings. Consultant Dietitians typically work under a contract for an organization instead of working as an employee.

Requirements to Beco...

October 7, 2018

The Alkaline Diet

Same year, different fad. The Alkaline Diet. Although this diet was first borne several years ago, it is regaining its former popularity due to food and beverage products such as alkaline water becoming more prevalent in grocery stores and retail outle...

September 9, 2018

“It’s cheating” “You’re giving up.” “That’s the easy way out.” These are all common phrases that bariatric patients hear on a regular basis, after battling obesity for what may have been their entire life (1)(2)(13). Unfortunately these hurtful words are more commonly...

Health coach. Fitness guru. Wellness instructor. Recipe blogger. Personal trainer. So many titles of food “experts” seem to be floating around the media these days, and it can be extremely confusing for consumers to understand who is the real deal and who is not. In th...

            In 2013 there were 89,300 Registered Dietitians in the United States, and this number has been steadily rising (6). The need for Registered Dietitians is increasing in the United States due to the rise of food insecurity, the B...

Everyone gets older. It’s the way of life. Some people have a plan for what they want to do or where they want to live when they retire or if they get sick, and there seems to be endless options out there. Long term care is an option that many people choose, yet it can...

Nutrition during the childhood years sets the foundation for the future. What children learn about food can impact their eating habits and preferences, weight, and health status later in adulthood. With childhood obesity rates continuously increasing, the importance of...

How the Five Senses Affect Healthy Aging

What was that? You haven’t heard that hearing affects your nutritional status? You haven’t seen how sight can affect it too? While these two statements are both true, they are just two of the senses that affect how we eat; in fac...

Older adults living in residential care facilities are among the weakest and can require 24 hour skilled nursing care. These high risk residents also require ongoing services by a Consultant Dietitian which can include: nutrition screening, assessment, monitoring, and...

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