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What Role Does a Consultant Dietitian Play In a Long-Term Care Facility?

Consultant Dietitian Services

Older adults living in residential care facilities are among the weakest and can require 24 hour skilled nursing care. These high risk residents also require ongoing services by a Consultant Dietitian which can include: nutrition screening, assessment, monitoring, and medical nutrition therapy care. The average length of stay for a nursing home resident is nearly 835 days. Older adults with poor nutrition status can negatively impact health outcomes and affect the residents’ quality of life. Learn more about what is a Registered Dietitian?

Common nutrition risk factors in the Long-term care environment are malnutrition and dehydration aspects. Research has associated Medical Nutrition Therapy from a Registered Dietitian with improved nutrition status which can improve disease prevention and unintended weight loss. Consequences of malnutrition include increased mortality, loss of lean body mass, low energy levels, decreased immune dysfunction, pressure ulcers, delayed recovery time, poor wound healing, and increased hospital readmissions.

Personalized nutrition care, provided by a Consultant Dietitian, as part of the healthcare team results in better outcomes. These outcomes are associated with decreased malnutrition rates, increased energy, better protein and nutrient intakes, enhanced nutritional status, and overall better quality of life.

RD Nutrition Consultants LLC, specializes providing Consultant Dietitian Nutritionists (RDN's) to long-term care facilities nationwide. The Consultant Dietitian will evaluate your healthcare facilities nutrition policies and procedures and will make recommendations to improve your facility’s nutrition status. The RD will also evaluate each resident and make nutrition recommendations to improve resident’s quality of life. Learn more about the Role of Registered Dietitians in Long Term Care. Improve your facility’s nutrition status today by contacting RD Nutrition Consultants for a free quote for your Dietitian Consultant services.


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Consultant Dietitian Services


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