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Dietitian Consultant-Nutrition Services Monitoring

The Registered Dietitian Consultant or Nutrition Services Manager conducts ongoing monitoring of the Nutrition Services Department for appropriate production, serving, storage, sanitation, and cleanliness. This includes reviewing all equipment and monitoring meal service for appropriate temperatures, following of menus, and alternatives offered.

Dietitian Consultant


Nutrition Services Monitoring (Acute Care or Skilled Nursing Facilities)

1. Registered Dietitian, Nutrition Services Monitor conducts the audit on a regular basis (no less than monthly)

2. Review all staff for appropriateness of uniform and that all hair is covered.

3. Review all staff for appropriateness of uniform and that all hair is covered

4. Question staff on safety awareness, location and purpose of MSDS sheets

5. Check cleanliness of office and restrooms.

6. Observe floors for cleanliness, grout, corners, edges, under equipment.

7. Verify items in storage room are labeled, bins clean, stack lines followed, no dented cans, all open items repackaged.

8. Verify food in refrigerators is covered, labeled and dated, items stored correctly, meats and eggs on lower shelf, thermometers in place and temperatures recorded, and gaskets, shelves, and floor clean

9. Verify tray carts are clean and wheels are in good condition.

10. Verify Fire System is in good repair and staff is aware of proper operation.

11. Verify equipment is free from grease buildup, all items cleaned after use and stored appropriately.

12. Verify dish room has appropriate logs and are completed as indicated. Monitor for temperatures and/ or chemical levels, de-liming done regularly, work tables kept orderly and racks stored properly.

13. Verify Menus are posted in facility with any changes noted. Verify alternatives are noted on production menu and posted or announced.

14. Verify temperatures are recorded in log.

15. Verify food is prepared and set up in batches and serving utensils are appropriate.

16. Verify meal trays are served and sequenced in dining areas and for room services.

17. Verify dumpsters and trash cans are clean, inside and outside. Check that trash bags are used and the dumpster is closed. Check that surrounding area is free of debris.

18. Review findings what the nutrition services staff. Establish an action plan for any areas not found to satisfaction.

Action Plan

  1. Development and monitoring of the action plan is the responsibility of the Nutrition Services Manager.

  2. Develop an Action Plan for all areas that result in negative comments/ review.

*The Dietitian Consultants from RD Nutrition Consultants, LLC have proprietary quality improvement monitoring tools which can ensure your facility provides the best care possible and stays deficiency free.


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